TRAINR is the first personal trainer on your wrist - automatically tracking and identifying your exercises and training you dynamically.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Healthcare Services

Company Overview

TRAINR is a personal trainer on your wrist – a consumer mobile software that integrates with any smart watch or fitness band to track anaerobic exercises (pushups, squats, curls, etc.). The app links with a wrist device's motion processing unit to identify the user's exercises and track reps, sets, and rest periods. TRAINR generates bespoke workouts and dynamic workout adjustments to create a personalized exercise experience.

Management Team

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    Cavan Canavan

    A 10-year veteran in athletic product and digital design and recent MBA grad who brings with him his passion for both the athletic consumer and emerging data and interface technologies. He has experience in soft goods, hard goods, packaging, and touch interfaces along with the multi-faceted approach necessary to bring products to market and a refined sense for managing hardware, firmware, software, design and marketing strategies.
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    Grant Hughes

    CMO / Business Development
    Six years of experience in education (Teach for America), digital media (, and operations (McMaster-Carr) with unique connections to world class athletes, celebrities, and trainers . Grant is a former elite high school athlete, marathoner, and Ashtanga yoga practitioner who comes from a family of gym owners.
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    Former VP of Mobile and Co-founder of TopLine Game Labs. Veteran of numerous startups: Ptch, Eazel, Mediapede, SolidState. Sr. Software Engineer at Apple for 5 years. Avid athlete, cyclist, and quantified self aficionado.
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    Chris Li

    Sr. Algorithm Engineer

Company Info

Full Product Ready
5 Employees
Founded: July 2012


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    Bill Screiber


Previous Investors

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    Launchpad LA

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    Kima Ventures