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Vegetais que as Crianças Ficam Felizes em Comer

Vegetables that KIDS LOVE TO EAT! MightyGreens Delicious, nutricious, post-organic (pesticide free) vegan grown in a modular, sustainable vertical farm.

Company Summary

Ever spent hours trying to get your child to eat their vegetables? The co-founders of Fazenda Urbana have. So, we decided to do something about it.

MightyGreens - THE VEGETABLES THAT KIDS LOVE TO EAT, (so do adults). Fazenda Urbana is the leading supplier of microgreens to supermarkets in Brasil. We grow this delicious, nutritious pesticide-free edible live plants, in a modular, scalable controlled environment urban agriculture system.


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    Previously founded SmartCube Modular Data Center. The company won the Data Center Dynamics Award for innovation in a mid-sized data center in 2012. Mr Oberlin is one of the inventors of the company`s patented technology (US8947879 B2). Mr. Oberlin has over 30 years of experiencing in sales, marketing and business development in new product and service launches in the data center, wireless data and consumer communications sectors.

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    Previously President of SmartCube Brasil where he worked together with Mr Oberlin. During his leadership, the company was recognized by Frost and Sullivan as the Latin American Entreprenuer of the Year, 2016 in its sector. Previously Mr. Meyer led sales and presales at CM5 and was a product expert working with relational databases at IBM and Informix.

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    Facilities and systems

    Arduino systems development and implementation. Mobile applications development. Grow facilities production, operations and maintenance. Previous experience in ship and container fabrication and modification.

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    Glaucio, Genuncio, Ph.D

    Agronomy professor at the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso. Leading hydroponics consultant in South America and Southern Europe.

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    Commercial Director

    Chef who studied in France, worked with one of the leading chefs in Brasil and managed numerous restaurants. Manages the companies relationships with restaurants and distributors.

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