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Chung Doe Path LLC

Learn the fastest way to mind-body strength, health & success in life, through correct, individualized, traditional martial arts training.

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We teach 8 traditional martial arts in a way that is balanced for the individuals personal needs, strengths and weaknesses. We teach Men, women & children the character development necessary to achieve success in life in a systematic way. Or anyone with a chronic illness or persistent injury who wants to be better, how to be uniquely healthy and strong in both mind and body and the skills and confidence that can last a lifetime.


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    James M Keyes
    Founder & Principal

    A sales & marketing professional and entrepreneur.
    Education: U-Mass Boston & Tunghai University - Taiwan
    Major: History & Finance

    A highly regarded martial artist with over 25 years of experience teaching:
    Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Aikido/Hapkido, Udo (Judo/Jiu-jitsu), Kom Do (Kendo or Samurai Sword), Baguazhang (8 Trigrams Palm), Ship Pal Gae (18 Chineses Weapons) Meditation and Chi Kung (Qigong or "energy work" ), and As