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Battle Run

Battle Run is a Sc-Fi/Action genre entertainment franchise that spans media formats such as the web, cell phones, TV and motion pictures.

Company Summary

BATTLE RUN is a master planned series of interrelated webisodes, television episodes, graphic novels, motion pictures and video games intended for distribution into multiple formats with interrelated storylines. The franchise is a fresh, edgy fusion of character-driven drama with action, science fiction and horror elements. It is inspired by the classic novel "WAR OF THE WORLDS", updating the novel and expanding its scope considerably.


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    Keith Randal Duncan
    Creator & Executive Producer

    Keith Randal Duncan is a 30 year veteran of the Moving Image industry. His credits include corporate and commercial work as a Producer, Director, Writer, Production Manager, Special Effects Make Up Artist and Special Effects Coordinator for companies such as Aries Productions, Studios at Las Colinas, Fox, and Tracy Locke. Feature film credits include “The Dark Dealer”, “Repligator” and "After Sundown" (Lions Gate 2006).

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    Eric Jewell
    Executive Producer & Series Producer

    Eric Jewell has been involved in film and video for over 22 years. He has worked as a Director of Photography, Producer, and Director for production companies such as AMS Pictures, Texas Instruments and many others. His most recent festival award-winning Independent feature film, "Shtickmen”, is currently on Blockbuster Video shelves and on Netflix. Eric is an instructor and Dean at MediaTech Institute in the Dallas Communications Complex.

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    Barbara (Bratton) Koster
    Executive Producer & Development Producer

    With 40 years of business & financial experience & 20 years in the entertainment industry, Barbara consults with industry professionals in the structure, start-up and development of ventures, as well as business, operations. She is a credited actor in stage, film & television including JFK, Boomerang, Walker–Texas Ranger, and various commercials. Barbara served terms as local President of AFTRA and as an officer local Screen Actors Guild.

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    Martha Duncan
    Executive Producer & Producer

    Martha has over twenty successful years in media working with firms such as Temberlin-McClain, RadioVision, Broadcast News Corp. and Time-Warner. She was a co-founder of The Movie Institute and ThinkTank Entertainment. Martha has just completed two terms as Vice President of the Dallas Producers Association. Her resume also includes production project management for nationally broadcast programs starring Terry Bradshaw and Peggy Fleming.


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    Michael Lunday
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    George Elam, CPA