Northside Festival Startup Collection 2014

The Northside Festival is an annual celebration of emerging music, film, ideas and entrepreneurship. This year’s festival features an innovation trade show on June 12th and 13th, bringing together entrepreneurs, technology startups, and innovators from New York and beyond. Gust is thrilled to be part of this amazing event, and we have created a Northside collection to showcase some of the stellar startups that will exhibit this year.

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Northside Festival

The Northside Festival is New York City's version of SXSW, with a two day innovation conference focused on technology and entrepreneurship. Discover the startups taking part in New York's biggest innovation and technology event of the year.


Albertson, NY, USA / Business Products
RFID enabled loyalty program for high-end hospitality venues and their clientele. Convenience of an EZ-Pass for your night out on the town!


New York City, NY, USA / Other
Makes leasing easier: tenants get an easy way to search and manage the process and landlords get a better way to market their properties.


New York City, NY, USA / Internet / Web Services
The mobile and social platform that makes social personal. API powered signatures, themes, and social network for lasting words.
Circle only


Brooklyn, NY, USA / Internet / Web Services
Placemeter uses public video feeds and computer vision algorithms to create a real time data layer about places, streets, and neighborhoods.

Buncee LLC

Calverton, NY, US / Education
Buncee provides a cloud-based content creation & presentation tool on & for students, educators, families, & professionals.
Logo LLC

New York City, NY, USA / Media and Entertainment
Streaming live video from nightlife & hospitality venues, providing entertainment, exposure & revenue opportunities


New York City, NY, USA / Education
We make physical toys that interact with learning apps on tablets to create the ideal environment for early childhood (1.5-5) education.


New York City, NY, USA / Software
Google Docs for PDFs. SeamlessDocs converts any PDF or Word Doc into a mobile friendly cloud document that can be completed, eSigned, and synced w your cloud.
Honey logo white bg


New York, NY, US / Internet / Web Services
Honey is the easiest way to keep your co-workers in the know about what matters.