How do I get to the top of the search results in Gust?

David S. Rose
David S. Rose , Founder and CEO , GUST INC.
12 Jan 2014

The page rank algorithm for Gust is a deeply held secret so that people won’t game the system (they even won’t tell ME how it works! :-), but I do know that it is intended to surface both “investable” companies and companies that are willing make available to serious investors all the information they need to make at least a first-pass decision.

As such, one thing I know you can do to improve a company’s ranking is to ensure that your profile is completely filled out, and that all pages are ‘made visible’.  (Remember that in the context of Gust, other than the company’s main public profile page, all other ‘visible’ pages are only visible to investors whom you have specifically authorized to see your confidential information.)

Thus, even though the only thing displayed publicly in a Gust search is the Public Profile, the ranking in the public search will be affected by how complete the full confidential side of the profile is. (Otherwise we’d have a situation where an investor might be attracted by a neat public description, but then disappointed to find that there was no backup material.)

So you can help yourself by taking the time and effort to complete the entire profile, create and upload both a short pitch video (which can be viewed on the public profile page) and a full investor deck or video (which can only be viewed by investors you authorize). You might also want to take advantage of the data vault to upload your full business plan if you have one, supplemental slides, case studies, references, press coverage about the company, etc.

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