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What is the most common legal mistake that attorneys see laypeople make?

Editor’s note: A Quora user recently asked, “What is the most common legal mistake that attorneys see laypeople make?” This great answer was written by Adam Nyhan, business attorney for Perkins Thompson in Portland, Maine, and is reposted here with his permission. I’m a business lawyer, so my answer will reflect the types of mistakes that clients […]
Adam Nyhan
Adam Nyhan , Business Attorney , Perkins Thompson, P.A.
9 Mar 2018

How do startup founders manage legal issues and compliance?

US startup founders need to put their business on a good legal and compliance footing at a time when the business is very early stage and poorly funded. Here are some questions that helped them with this.
Bob Mollen
20 Sep 2017

Gust Launch Guide to Startup Legal Needs

Gust Launch provides a platform that allows high-growth founders to incorporate and form their company, adhering to all the standards and best practices investors expect.
Ryan Kutter
21 Jun 2017

Is it legal to have a crowd-funding site that gives equity as reward?

In the United States, equity-based crowdfunding will not be legal until January, 2013 at the earliest, when the SEC issues its rules regarding the process. It will then be permitted, provided that it is done in strict compliance with those SEC rules, and the provisions of the JOBS Act, which was signed by President Obama […]
David S. Rose
David S. Rose , Founder and CEO , GUST INC.
3 Aug 2014

How do angel investors typically deal with the legal agreements and similarly how would they help deal with legal issues for a startup they’ve invested in?

All investments by angels (and everyone else) in a company are made according to detailed legal documents that specify everything about the relationship among the various parties, the terms of the value exchange and the various rights and responsibilities of everyone involved. The paperwork can range from 5-10 pages for a pretty straightforward convertible note, […]
David S. Rose
David S. Rose , Founder and CEO , GUST INC.
15 May 2014