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Accelerating the path to commercialization

About this Accelerator

Upward was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, with the ultimate aim of accelerating the path to commercialization for promising startup solutions.

Upward guides startup partners through their journey to commercialization, from pilot design and optimization to deal facilitation and operational scale. Our experienced team is dedicated to the continued success of our startups, seeking further growth and partnership opportunities throughout the Upward Network.

Central to Upward's mission is the activation of urban centers through collaborative events and programming, inspiring spaces, and community engagement. Our startups have a unique level of access - and influence - within each local innovation ecosystem, accelerating their paths to partnership, investment, and hiring top talent across the U.S.

Upward leverages its vast network of industry-leading partners to curate actionable pilot experiences for each of our portfolio companies. We strategically match our startups' solutions to partner-defined challenges in order to expedite the journey to commercialization and widespread adoption.


  • Hartford, CT, USA


Business Products, Business Services, Clean Technology, Healthcare Services, Industrial/Energy + 6 more