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Top US Universities for Chinese Students

Best US colleges

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The number of Chinese students in the US far exceeds international students from other foreign countries. This has made choosing the best universities for Chinese students a high on-demand activity. Here is what you should expect if you’re a Chinese student planning to study in the US.
US Universities With Most Chinese Students

Typically, most Chinese students find it hard to adapt to America’s educational system. On top of that, many non-academic issues, e.g. socialization, is a real challenge for newly admitted students. That’s why Chinese students usually opt for universities having a higher Chinese student population already. Largest Universities in the US aside, here’s a list of US universities having the largest Chinese population:
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Southern California

Purdue University

Northeastern University

Columbia University

Michigan State University

Ohio State University

University of California, Los Angeles

Indiana University

University of California at Berkeley

The above list is based on the number of F-1 visas granted to admitted students, a more or less enrage metric of international student enrollment. That said, most Chinese students opt for

private universities. This is because Chinese students are not mostly eligible for federal financial aid from top US Ivy League universities. So, many Chinese students, supported by parents, opt for more expensive private universities. Or, some students pay above-average out-of-state tuition if applying for public yet smaller US universities. Overall, Colombia University, Boston University, and Carnegie Melon University are most popular among Chinese students. Tips for applying to and writing personal statements for US universities are provided by essay writing service Panda Scholar.

Chinese Populations at US Universities

Increasingly, more higher education institutions are producing stats on how many Chinese students in the US are. According to the Institute of International Education (IIE), over 304,000 Chinese students were enrolled in US colleges and universities. The reasons why more Chinese students opt for US education are many. Perhaps one most cited reason is education quality in US colleges and universities compared to China. The growing population of Chinese students in the US is, however, clustered around more urban areas. Specifically, most Chinese students are more likely to cluster along the East and West Coast and away from America’s heartland. Unsurprisingly, two major universities on East and West Coast, respectively, are most Chinese of US universities: Colombia University and UCLA. This statistical piece is helpful in many ways to highlight the preferences of Chinese students. Essentially, opting for major urbanities squares well with perceptions about America. In China, most students applying for US universities assume America is mostly urban. The experiences of students already enrolled in colleges in America’s heartland are, however, less rosy. College towns, where many US colleges operate, don’t offer Chinese students a breadth of experience of American education. In addition, many Chinese students are already enrolled in a big public or private US universities. This makes joining such colleges and universities almost a no brainer for many Chinese students fearful of isolation. The range of activities, student unions, and socialization opportunities at major, urban universities simply matches expectations of and need for adaption for prospective Chinese students.

Rough Waters

For all numbers of Chinese students in the US, recent US-China relations appear to slow down a bit of student enrollment. This shouldn’t be a reason for worry, though. Instead, you should plan and apply early to avoid any possible visa delays.
The size of the Chinese student population at US colleges and universities is growing every year. Most Chinese US universities include the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Columbia

University, Boston University, and UCLA. Chinese students are concentrated along the East and West Coast and away from America’s heartland. Given recent US-China tensions, prospective students should apply early to hedge against prolonged visa procedures.


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