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SoTech Ventures 2017 Cohort

Jan 1 - May 31 | Los Angeles, CA, US
Funding The Unfundables...

About this Program

SoTech accepts applications from social entrepreneurs worldwide...

Here is the hard truth that entrepreneurs have had to accept... Out of the approximately 600,000 new businesses get started each year, only .07% of them will secure VC funding. The statistic only jumps up to about .9% if angel investors and other sources of early-stage, outside capital are included.

If you are an entrepreneur reading this right now, you have less than a 1% chance of securing the growth capital you need to take your venture to its' next phase of development. Venture Capitalists are professional investors and have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors (limited partners) to find the next billion dollar company based upon whatever criteria they deem worthy. Unfortunately, the selectiveness (whether fair or not) of the VCs, Angel Investors and the like leaves 99% of entrepreneurs essentially Unfundable...

SoTech Venture is a fiscally sponsored, non-profit investment firm. Our unique operating model liberates us from dependence upon LPs (limited partners) and allows us to invest in the 99% of ventures that most VCs ignore. We only have one catch, your venture must have the potential to create a significant social impact in addition to being financially viable.

If your technology-based business has the potential to change the world for the better while also generating profits, SoTech Ventures is for you.


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