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We're SOSV’s London based pre-seed venture capital program, investing in science-based, tech-enabled startups.

About this Accelerator

We're the world's largest early stage life sciences accelerator. Twice a year we invest $100 in startups solving global challenges with life itself.

After they are selected, the teams move to London or Cork for 3.5 months and learn how to turn science into tangible products that will impact the lives of people globally. We run a crucible that transforms scientists into entrepreneurs.

On top of our cash investment, during the program, teams have access to a fully equipped biosafety level lab, co-working space, dedicated mentorship and the support of a network of RebelBio alumni, investors, corporates and press partners.

Each programme culminates with a Demo Day, but our relationship doesn’t. We’ll continue to work intensively with our Rebels through their startup journey.

RebelBio is an SOSV Accelerator.


  • London, United Kingdom
  • Cork, Ireland


Agriculture, Biotechnology