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Move Files from Dropbox to Another

Migrate Dropbox account data into various cloud drives including Google Drive and OneDrive

About this Accelerator

Dropbox is the cloud-based application and provides cloud storage service to the user. You can save your data in this application and later you can view them from anywhere and from almost any device. Dropbox application allows users to use deferent accounts as per the requirement of users.

Benefits of Dropbox Application

This application can be operated by any user and for both personal purposes and professional purposes. But in the personal license, you have to save files manually in this storage drive. Dropbox application contains many other beneficial features so that every user can copy data and secure it in this drive that’s the reason for which the user wants to manage data into various accounts of the same drive i.e. Dropbox application. This application provides you to join this and save up to 2 GB data for free and for more usage you have to take Plus or Professional account license.

But these days it is seen that most of the users of such kind of applications want to manage their data in multiple accounts of various application like Google Drive and OneDrive.

Why User Want to Save Data into Multiple Cloud Drives?

By performing the process to copy or move files from Dropbox to another cloud drives including another account of the same drive user can secure data and make easy access to whole data. Through this practice you can also get the benefits of various cloud storage drives with the same files and folders. You can also get access to your data from various devices easily.

So in this article, we will know about that procedure through which the user can move files from Dropbox to another account of the same drive or Google Drive and OneDrive.

Which Process of Migration Better Manual or Automated Way?

Manual Method

With the manual method, you have to get whole knowledge about both source application (Dropbox) as well as destination application (OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox) to understand the process through which you can move files from Dropbox to another cloud drive accounts. This method consumes much time as it includes some lengthy steps for which you may have to take a technician’s help or advice. In some cases, it is noticed that through manual way user lost their data in between the migration process.

Automated Method

Through the use of an automated tool that is Dropbox Migration tool, you can migrate data without any technical knowledge. To move files from Dropbox to another account of various applications with this software you just have to enter your login credentials and other required information of your account. This allows you to migrate selective data through the utilization of its date range filtration and file type filtration options. This tool can retain all data with the same structure so that users can understand all migrated data with simple and same view. You can try this software on Windows Operating System 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista and all other Windows OS.


Through the above-mentioned topics it is concluded that the migration process from Dropbox to the multiple accounts of Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox can be done through the help of automated software that is Dropbox Migration tool. You can try this software with its free edition through which you can understand the process of migration. Through this edition, the user can transfer the first item from every selected folder. With this software, you can also perform OneDrive Migration and other Cloud Drive Migration processes. While migration processes can be performed through the use of its licensed edition.


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