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Merging Multiple PST files into Single PST Using PST Merge


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About this Accelerator

PST Merge is a proficient and safer solution for merging multiple PST files into a single PST. The software comes with a user-friendly and allows both technical and nontechnical users to work quickly and systematically without losing the original data of the files and formats. The PST merge software has an excellent feature that allows the users to select multiple outlook PST files. They merge similar folders like the contact of two or more PST files in one single PST files. The software work toward providing an effective and rapid solution against the size and managing issues of PST items and mailboxes.

What are the reasons due to which the need to merge PST files arises?

The MS Outlook is one of the most common email platforms which is used as an email client by many users. Because of this popularity of MS outlook many users are accessing their emails, contact, calendar, journals, etc to MS Outlook mails services. As a result, Outlook has become overloaded with the mailbox and due to which it gets very difficult for the user to manage the mailboxes. Therefore the user is required to merge their PST file so that the user can manage their Outlook accounts. Some of the common need to merge PST files is as follow:

• With two or more multiple PST files merging it has become easy for the users to manage their data and mailboxes in the MS outlook.
• It also gets simple for the user to collect the data from all the PST files in a single place so that the user can access them easily whenever they want to.
• With PST merging mailbox and data, the free space is increased due to which is get beneficial for the MS outlook to run smoothly in users system.
• The users also find it difficult to manage PST files and mailbox. Therefore, they merge their PST files to save the user time.

What are the benefits of using PST merge software for merging multiple PST into a single PST files?

The user might be familiar with the problems they generally face due to the management issues of Outlook PST files. Therefore to overcome these issues the user is required to choose a proficient and satisfactory asset for merging Outlook PST files ad mailbox. The PST merger is providing users with a different option to merge the multiple numbers of PST files based on it merge, join and merge contact options. All the metadata of the PST files is maintained without any damage and data loss when combining with two or multiple PST files. Another additional feature that the software provides its users with is that the users do not have to worry about the size limit of the PST data to be merged as the PST Merge software does not have any size limit to merge PST files. The PST merge software is capable of smoothly merging in both the ANSI and UNICODE format with the availability of supporting all the version of Windows.

The PST merge has proven to be an effortless, reliable and dependable asset for successfully merging PST data. When a multiple PST is joined by using this software tools then a new PST file will be created within a new folder to save the data from PST files. Therefore we can to this conclusion that the PST merger software solution is easy, rapid and shift with the user-friendly access to provide satisfactory results for merging multiple PST mailbox and items to a single PST files. Thus, we recommend our users to opt for PST merger software for better manageability of Outlook PST items and files.

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