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Menorca Millennials


The World's First Startup Decelerator

About this Accelerator

We are a tight knit Community of international entrepreneurs, advisors and investors that filters every year, from hundreds of global applicants, the top 30 early stage startups led by serial entrepreneurs working on Technology while leading the Sustainability Revolution.

These selected startups are invited to a 12-days-program which goal is to help them step back from their day-to-day activities, get perspective and focus on what really matters (startup deceleration methodology):

1. their main challenge today as company and,
2. their team capabilities.

It happens in the island of Menorca and the program is the entry gate to the community. The startup deceleration methodology used is a combination of moving to a “low mental noise” environment and mingle with experienced entrepreneurs on 1:1 sessions, designed to kickstart long life connections, that will drive long term startups and an incremental investors success.


  • Menorca, Spain


Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Education, Fintech, Food and Beverage + 7 more