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Building our future food system

About this Accelerator

Sponsored Incubation, our new program for deep tech companies, is launching in 2020. Our first partner, the Grains Research and Development Corporation, is sponsoring two entrepreneurs or teams with innovative solutions to the grains industry’s problems.

So what is Sponsored incubation and who is it for? Sponsored Incubation is for anyone using deep tech to address human and planetary needs — from climate change to food waste, antimicrobial resistance and high-threat pathogens and beyond. These are hard problems to solve and it takes a lot of money, time and resilience to persevere on the commercialisation journey. Cicada GrowLab can help make it a little easier by using its ecosystem of founders, investors, researchers and more to rally around your company or fledgling idea and help you achieve your goals.


  • Sydney NSW, Australia


Agriculture, Food and Beverage