LightSpeed Innovations Accelerator by Syndicate 702

Accelerating the next generation of Deep Tech Companies!

About this Accelerator

LightSpeed Innovations is an accelerator program run by Syndicate 702, an investment syndicate that focuses on deep tech companies, with a particular focus on aerospace & defense. S702's mission is to inspire, enable and propel the next generation of entrepreneurial companies and build up the community to create a competitive and thriving start-up ecosystem.

Program Characteristics:
Individual & Cohort
1 Venture Partner per company
Mentor Teams (2 per company)
Hands On
Foundation for Product/Market Fit
Scaling Plans
Investor Events
Customer Events
Investment Roadshow
1% equity / % revenue
Option for a syndicated investment of $150K or more

Company Criteria: formed company, a minimal viable product available, (even better, a prototype is available), initial customer traction.


  • Los Angeles, CA, US
  • San Francisco, CA, US
  • San Diego, CA, US


Aerospace, Electronics / Instrumentation, Industrial/Energy, Maritime/Shipping, Nanotechnology +2 more