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Each of us at least once in our life is faced with the problem of the need to rent an apartment or live in a hostel. In both cases, the first question that arises is how to maintain cleanliness and create comfort in a room that needs drastic measures - repair. But due to circumstances, we have only cosmetic, temporary products in our stock. As a rule, in this case, we cannot always afford to shoot a sufficient area. We only care about functionality, availability of sleeping places and necessary amenities. What are the available means at your disposal, what are the secrets of cleanliness in a hostel or in a rented apartment so that it becomes as clean and comfortable as possible, you can relax and unwind. If you find it difficult to keep your home clean on your own because you have a large house or you are too busy to clean, then you can turn to one of the professional cleaning companies. Here is the site of one of these companies http://livecleantoday.com .Turning to the services of a cleaning company, you save a lot of time that you can use for yourself, and for your family or communication with friends.

Tips to make your room cozier

We arrange the furniture to our liking so that it does not clutter up the space, all the items you need are freely available, and the sleeping place, on the contrary, is as secluded as possible. Feel free to ask the landlord to remove furniture you don't need - armchairs, cabinets - from the room. Try to use the existing furniture for its full purpose. If it's not enough, create a functional corner from correctly placed shelves. It is desirable that some of them be closed. And for cute little things that create coziness and originality in the room, leave free, open niches.
Also, if you need help moving, you can contact one of the companies that provide moving services. On a website for designers, I found a good company that helps with moving to new homes.

Zoning the room by defining a place to rest, a work area, a place to eat.
Create different lighting for each zone. Hang a sconce over your sleeping area, place a table lamp or floor lamp in your work area. Screens, curtains, perhaps, will help to divide the zones.

Try to make your room light. Bedspreads, curtains, cushions will create comfort. And if you keep everything in light colors, they will slightly push apart the walls of the room. Bright spots of flowers and appliques will create a special charm and attraction for each corner.

Leave free access to the window. To feel space and freedom, to be able to ventilate the room at any time. Decorate the window with an airy, sheer tulle. The framing always creates an additional feeling of comfort Perhaps you prefer roller shutters or blinds - choose them according to your taste. Flowers on the windowsill will breathe life into your room.

Take care of storage systems and possibly more complete filling of cabinets and shelves. Typically, cabinet shelves have a height and depth that is not easy to reach. They remain only half full. For small parts of clothing, shoes, accessories, linen, we will provide a secret - special retractable boxes, easily accessible containers.

We will decorate them with embroidery, stickers, emblems with inscriptions about the contents. So that later it is easy to find the required thing and not get lost in space. To do this, you can use simple cardboard boxes lined with a beautiful napkin or a cover with lace. Or buy them at the store - there is a large selection of plastic, wicker or metallized boxes. You can order a box exactly according to the size of your lockers.


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