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2017 Real Estate Cash Buyers

Jan 5 - Dec 5 | New York, NY, US

Investors & Buyers (Russia,US,China,Hong Kong,Singapore,Korea,UAE,etc)

About this Program

We are interested to invest in real estate, which brings a good income and located in areas with strong demographics, healthy labor markets and increasing economic growth.
At the moment, we are interested in the following assets that meet the following criteria and you are in direct contact with the seller.
If there is a deals that are out of the below or above the range, it is fine because we can use them for other clients.

China (Shanghai)
5 Star Hotels,Class A, B Office Buildings,Multifamily
Price $ 200 M - $ 500 M

US (NY, Washington DC, CA and Boston MA.)

Multifamily, Mixed Use, Office, Retail
$ 30- $ 70M
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx
$72m cash which can be levered up to $100m ideally in Manhattan, Williamsburg, Bushwick (North of Myrtle Ave), Queens (Sunnyside, Woodside, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst).

Multifamily, Mixed Use, Office, Retail
$ 25M- $ 50M
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx

Office with Retail or Retail (NNN or NN retail)
Up to $ 15M
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island

Geographic Areas

New York Metropolitan Area (NYC all Boros) Westchester, Rockland Counties.
Southern Connecticut
Northern New Jersey
Upstate (Albany Area)
Florida (West Palm Beach Corridor down to Ft Lauderdale) Also Tampa and Orlando

Type of Property

Multi Families as small as 20 units in the NY Metro Area but as large as 1,000 units (Must be 150 units are better out of the immediate Metro NY Area)
Also blocks of Coop and Condo Units
Shopping Centers, Taxpayers ( As small as 5,000 Sq Ft within the NY Metro Area)
NNN deals in the NY metro Area (STNL Deals)
Shopping Centers in Florida Anchored or non-anchored (Mom and pops ok if price is right)
25,000 Sq ft or larger up to 500,000 sq ft
Will take with up to 25% vacancy Rates. Min 7 CAP going in.

Property value up to 25M

Please feel free to send any deals of a significance and we making an offer if we are interested.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $100M per team
  • Accepts 8 companies


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