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At Kyyba Innovations, we accelerate innovation with startups and corporations. The core services and programs provide entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities for cross pollination and increased deal flow across the globe.

About this Accelerator

Kyyba Innovations is a Michigan based company, founded in 2017, that is committed to encouraging and driving forward innovative entrepreneurship and new disruptive technologies. Focused on evaluating start-ups, its products, its health and monitoring trends. KI also supports funding and scaling of the companies looking to grow and have a world-wide impact.

Kyyba Innovations understands firsthand the important role India plays in the global startup ecosystem. Through Pitch Club India, we plan to reach out to the common man and provide them with opportunities to unveil their remarkable and diverse innovations. Along with technological innovations, we are in search of those hidden and non-technological innovations that can change the world. We are coming to India to identify those hidden gems, provide them with access to funding, business resources and mentoring, and help them connect to the existing Pitch Club audience in the American market.

Pitch Club Michigan, a Kyyba Innovations initiative was launched in September 2017, to create a platform for startups seeking mentoring and investment to showcase their newly formed companies to investors and funding experts. We strive for cross pollination by bringing startup ecosystems together to increase economic and business growth around the world. To learn more about Pitch Club Michigan, you can visit our website


  • Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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