Intra Uterine Insemination - Find Out The Reasons That Why Doctor’s Recommend It!

Find out the process of Intra Uterine Insemination and Doctor's recommendation on it

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Intra uterine insemination may be a common fertility treatment that involves positioning a sperm cell inside the woman’s uterus so as to assist it fertilize. The first objective of this treatment is to surge the amount of sperms that are presupposed to reach the fallopian tubes for multiplying the possibility of fertilization.

It offers an advantage to the sperms by minimizing its area of traversal, however, the sperm cell should reach the eggs for fertilizing the ovum on its own. it's a minimally invasive methodology and far lesser expensive in comparison to in vitro fertilization.

When do the doctors recommend intra uterine insemination?

The most common reason behind choosing intra uterine insemination is minimized sperm cell quality and low sperm cell count.

However, there are varied alternative reasons why gynecologists suggest this treatment and these include unexplained infertility, cervical scar tissues from past operations, cervical mucus issues, ejaculation dysfunction, and several other others.

On the opposite hand, intra uterine insemination isn't suggested for ladies with conditions of pelvic infections, moderate to severe endometriosis and ladies with acute issues within the fallopian tubes.

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How will the method of intra uterine insemination work?

Before choosing the intra uterine insemination, doctors might advocate ovulation stimulating medicines that need careful observance of the eggs to determine once they are mature.

- The intra uterine insemination is going to be done between twenty four and thirty-six hours once the increase in lh hormones that indicates high probabilities of ovulation.

- A semen sample is separated from the semen, so the sperm cell is inserted directly into the uterus with the assistance of a catheter. This procedure improves the positioning of sperm cell cells into the uterus that, in turn, will increase the probabilities of conception.

- The whole procedure takes a couple of minutes and offers solely minimal discomfort. Then the doctors closely monitor your signs and symptoms of pregnancy. In most cases, there's minimal risk of infection once the intra uterine insemination. Also, girls who take fertility medications while having IUI even have probabilities to become pregnant with multiples.

What is the success rate of intra uterine insemination?

The success of intra uterine insemination depends on a number of factors. If some choose to opt for this treatment every month, the probabilities of successful pregnancy are magnified by 20 % per cycle. However, factors like the age of the woman, use of fertility medication, and therefore the reason behind infertility play an important role.

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Since intra uterine insemination may be a cheaper method compared to in vitro fertilization, the success rate of this procedure will sometimes be lower than the latter. It however in most cases offers sensible results. So, if you're curious about this treatment, you want to see an associate professional gynecologist for discussing your choices.


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