FoodFutureCo is the first scale-up accelerator in food, agriculture, and social entrepreneurship that empowers small but established companies to reach their next stage of growth

About this Accelerator

FoodFutureCo (FFC) is a Scale-Up Accelerator for established yet small organizations (on track to grossing more than $500k annually) that are providing unique products and solutions across our food system.

-We support companies with scale-up business models through consulting, global distribution, financing, operation scaling, and financial exit.
-We partner with advisors and mentors that not only provide expertise, but support impact, mission, and setting cultural trends.
-Four to six companies will be selected for each cohort cycle, which runs for 4 months.
-FFC invests $20K in exchange for 6% equity.

To be considered, the companies must:
-be tracking an annual revenue of $500K
-Work in the following food sectors:
*Consumer products
*Food hub
*Ag Tech
*Supply Chain
*Food Tech
-Be purpose driven


  • New York, NY, US


Agriculture, Food and Beverage