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About this Accelerator

**DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 22, 2024**

Dominion Energy Innovation Center Accelerators: DEIC Accelerate & DEIC Hyperscaled

Welcome to the Dominion Energy Innovation Center’s dual accelerator programs, DEIC Accelerate and DEIC Hyperscaled. These initiatives offer a unique platform for startups in energy and sustainability, focusing on the development and deployment of groundbreaking solutions at utility scale. Whether you are aiming to optimize data center operations or pioneer new energy technologies, our accelerators provide the resources, connections, and expertise needed to transform your innovations into commercial successes.

Program Overview
DEIC Accelerate: Empowering Clean Energy Startups
Duration: 11 weeks annually
Cohorts: 4 to date
Focus Areas: Power generation, energy storage, grid resilience, transmission & distribution, smart grid technologies

Capital Raised: $278 million
Jobs Supported: 770
Impact: Connects startups with major utility customers and investors for paid pilot projects and commercialization across the Commonwealth.

DEIC Hyperscaled: Addressing Data Center Challenges
Duration: 11 weeks annually
Cohort Size: 5-6 companies, with an additional 3-5 for pre-acceleration
Focus Areas: Energy efficiency, grid infrastructure, water usage, backup power, design optimization

Funding: Supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy
Goal: To decouple carbon emissions from data center growth by advancing technologies that enhance the sustainability and efficiency of data centers and their energy infrastructure.

Key Features Common to Both Programs
Eligibility: Seed-stage or later companies with solutions ready for utility-scale pilot testing.
Mentorship: Each startup is paired with dedicated corporate mentors.
Networking: Direct connections to potential major customers and corporate investors.
Commitment: Participants should have at least one full-time employee and expect to dedicate 2 – 4 hours per week.
Ownership: Startups retain full control of their IP and equity; DEIC does not take an equity position.

Be part of the next wave of energy innovation. Whether your focus is on reshaping the landscape of data centers or advancing clean energy technologies, DEIC’s accelerators are your gateway to significant growth and impact.

The Dominion Energy Innovation Center, located in Ashland, Virginia, supports early-stage advanced technology companies by providing them with the collaborative space, guidance, and resources needed to accelerate their growth.

Founded in November 2009, the Dominion Energy Innovation Center accelerates great ideas across a wide spectrum of industry sectors in addition to its focus on building the clean technology sector in Central Virginia. Founding partners of the Center include the signature sponsor, Dominion Energy, as well as Activation Capital, the Town of Ashland and Hanover County. Learn more at www.dominnovation.com.


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