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Cryptounit seja coproprietario acionista do fundo global de investimento

CryptoUnit Venture Investment Fund

About this Accelerator

The CryptoUnit program is a specialized endeavor for aspiring investment market participants that offers the chance to gain access to the portfolio of the program’s venture fund with a capitalization of $370 million. One of the main advantages of the CryptoUnit program are a lack of entry barriers and investment thresholds, which make it possible for individuals with any level of income or investment capital to invest and become co-owners of global corporations and prospective companies. The CryptoUnit program’s venture fund operates in a variety of high-yield industries, such as telecommunications, healthcare, precious metals, foreign currency trade, real estate, and many others.

Andrey Khovratov is the founder of the CryptoUnit program. Andrey is a highly experienced investor with over 20 years of professional experience on the investment market in a variety of industries, such as real estate and commercial real estate. He is also the recipient of several prestigious business awards, such as Business Trainer and Coach of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Glory in Business, and others. Andrey Khovratov is also a professional lecturer and personality coach with years of experience in lecturing on financial education and sound investment strategies. Andrey is also the founder of the NEEMI educational program, which provides online financial education around the world and has an established community of over 750,000 members from 189 countries.

The main aim of the CryptoUnit program is the provision of financial education and the transmission of knowledge on sound investment strategies, as well as granting access to the financial activities of the program’s venture fund. The program’s courses offer knowledge on identifying scam projects and making investment decisions on the basis of in-depth technical analysis of projects and their indicators. The Private Investor Academy, Andrey Khovratov’s other successful platform, will be serving as the basis for the CryptoUnit project, building on its track record of providing over 300,000 graduates from 55 countries online financial education.

The Ethereum blockchain platform will be serving as the basis for ensuring the transparency and security of the CryptoUnit program by resorting to the use of smart contracts and tokenized securities. The main unit of transactions within the CryptoUnit program will be the native CRU token, which will also be used as the means for making monthly payouts of loyalty bonuses to participants. Since its launch on March 19, 2020, the CryptoUnit program has successfully conducted 10 such distributions to all program participants.

The expansion of the CryptoUnit program on the basis of investment strategies is also foreseen as part of the venture fund’s development. Among the program’s plans are the creation of the UniGlobalPay platform and the associated network of ATMs for global currency withdrawals. The program also entails entry into the US, Chinese, and Indian markets with investments in proven and prospective projects promising high return yields in the coming years. The portfolio of the CryptoUnit program is extensive and includes a number of profitable assets, such as a global payment system, precious metal and diamond production facilities, a restaurant chain, resort real estate, and others.

More information about the fund, as well as instructions on how to participate can be found on the official website of the CryptoUnit program at


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