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The first Start Up accelerator offering access to high level industry 4.0 customers

About this Accelerator

Bind 4.0 is a public-private acceleration program that lasts 24 weeks and takes place in the Basque Country. It focuses on Industry 4.0 early-stage startups involved in big data, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, artificial vision, cloud computing, augmented reality, cyberphysical systems, artificial vision and /or collaborative robotics.

The program will provide selected startups with the opportunity to develop their projects in line with the demands of their partner companies. In other words, the relationship between companies and startups will be established as a customer-supplier format, which will give them, in addition to actual billing with a large client, top-level references and access to new markets and distribution channels.

Startups may apply from anywhere in the world and should have a strong commitment to relocate to the Basque Country. Bind 4.0 aims to support Industry 4.0 startups selected as the most innovative, accelerating their development and growth through an intense working program that includes:

- Up to €75,000 contract with a top industry firm.
- Support Services: World class mentoring, excellent training program, demo day, access to financing (up to €500,000), participation in an Industry 4.0 event, accommodation assistance, and free workspace.
- Networking: Close contact with the local industry and startup ecosystem, which is one of the strongest in Europe.
- No equity taken: There are no charges nor is equity taken from the start-ups.

The registration period to enter the project selection process will finish on the 15th of September. On December 15, the list of selected startups will be published and they will start working on projects in collaboration with the partner companies over the next 24 weeks, from January 12 to July 6. The terms and conditions of the program are on the website.

As it is a great opportunity for your company to grow, we firmly invite you to participate. Join the Bind 4.0 Acceleration Program!

Complete the application form to join Bind 4.0 program: or submit your questions to


  • San Sebastián, Spain


Industrial/Energy, Robotics