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Where The Most Innovative Startups Collaborate with Corporates in The Transportation Industry

Mar 1 - Jun 30 | San Francisco, CA, US
Where Transportation Innovation Gets Traction

About this Program

Awesm Ventures partners with 10 of the global largest transportation corporates in the space of automotive, aviation, maritime, trucking, railroad and space - that seek the most innovative technologies to:

1. Create a new customer experience
2. Bring innovation to internal stakeholders
3. Supercharge business relationship with partners

If this is what you do - we are more than happy to chat. Especially if you solve those challenges with a technology such as, but not limited to: VR/AR, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Drones, AI, Robotics, IOT, ...

Funding Information

  • Accepts 20 companies


Aerospace, Business Products, Business Services, Maritime/Shipping, Security + 3 more