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Anthology Ventures

We are a venture studio for early-stage teams & business angels. Let’s build something great...

About this Accelerator

Who we are

We love building companies. We’re looking for strong teams with crazy ideas who have the vision, skills, and commitment to take their company into the future. We’ve spent years helping early-stage projects succeed (and sometimes fail), and we know the value of an idea is zilch without the right team to bring it to life. Social impact factors are important to us also, and if you have a creative approach to a pressing issue, we’d love to hear about it.

What we do

AV joins your team as a co-founder, and our partners work alongside you and your team. Typically, this means daily involvement with all sorts of issues, including finance, strategy, marketing, IP and patenting, management, and investment readiness to name a few. Our goal is to help you achieve sales and growth metrics that justify and attract investment from the most appropriate source - including Angel, Institutional/Fund, Corporate, Crowdfunding, or others.

How we invest

We invest in your startup in two ways: first via in-kind service - that is, the role we take in your company. This means a dedicated amount of time and work - as part of your team - from our partners and associates. We take a small equity stake, typically 4-7%, and our roles in the team are customized to meet your particular needs.

Our second investment route comes from our shareholders, who can choose to invest up to $50,000 in selected startups. Anthology teams are also eligible for direct investment at any time from our Angels.

Based upon your market and scaling strategy, we’ll refine the investment case so you can approach the source of capital that makes the most sense for your company, whether it’s the first-round, or the third.


  • Sofia, Bulgaria


Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Services, Clean Technology, Consumer Products + 16 more