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Andrey Khovratov

Andrey Khovratov is a well-known investment & finance business trainer and coach, professional investor, public speaker and entrepreneur.

About this Accelerator

Among Mr. Khovratov's numerous awards are the titles Best Finance & Investment Business Trainer & Coach by the Russian magazine Finance Times (2018), the Glory in Business award, and the rank of General of Peace and People's Major General by the international group 'Generals for Peace'.
Khovratov hosts the TV program Secrets of the Millionaires and often speaks at major events, such as the Skolkovo Crypto Conference and the Eurasian Congress. He's featured in the encyclopedia People of Our Millennium and on the honorary list 100 Outstanding Russian Leaders.
Khovratov's best-known project is the Private Investor Academy – an investment & financial literacy program. A total of 1,350,000 users from 78 countries have already joined the program, and 750 thousand have completed the first stage, The 8 Rules of Wealth.
In 2019, Khovratov founded CryptoUnit – a venture fund that provides its members with access to a global investment portfolio. Mr. Khovratov is also the founder and CEO of the international group of companies NEEMI.


  • Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine


Consulting, Education