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Gust is the world’s largest collaboration platform for entrepreneurs and accredited investors. Our collaboration tools provide everything you need to manage your relationships from pitch to exit.

Stay in Control

Manage all of your relationships in one place. With robust privacy settings, you will always control who has access to your personal and company information.

Keep What's Private, Private

Through the highest security standards and granular privacy controls, your information is always protected. All information on the platform is confidential and utilizes the gold standard in internet security.

Globally Endorsed by Leading Angel Investors

More than 1,000 organizations use Gust to manage their funding process. This amounts to tens of thousands of leading accredited investors worldwide using the Gust platform. Gust is also the official partner for the main angel associations around the world.

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  • "Gust is the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in a (virtual) box. It is designed to help investors and startups connect, from initial meetings to funding and monitoring progress thereafter."

    Esther Dyson

    Esther Dyson

    Angel Investor, EDventure
  • "Gust will lead to a significant increase of smart investments into high-growth, early-stage companies."

    Josh Kopelman

    Josh Kopelman

    Managing Partner, First Round Capital
  • "This is what this platform enables me to do: to communicate both with my partners and my companies, and I need that to be an ongoing process. Not just during the investment process, which is crucial, but also through the closing and then through the life of our partnership."

    Liddy Karter

    Liddy Karter

    Managing Partner, Enhanced Capital
  • "The tools available on Gust will significantly improve the way the world’s angels collaborate with entrepreneurs. This international platform provides support for companies to highlight their individual achievements, while at the same time enabling our investors to use standardized tools to streamline the investment and diligence process. Gust will provide the language that we all can use within our community."

    John May

    John May

    Investment Director, Seraphim Capital

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Money Moves with Deirdre Bolton
Deirdre Bolton, Anchor
MoneyMoves with Deirdre Bolton on BloombergTV

"Giving the Bloomberg audience credible information is my top priority and Gust is the only source with such comprehensive and reliable data on angel investing."

  • 2012 Innotribe Startup Winner
    2012 Innotribe Startup Winner For World’s Most Innovative Financial Technology
  • 2012 SIIA Codie Winner
    2013, 2012 SIIA CODiE Winner For Best Collaboration/Social Networking Solution
  • 2011 Eban Award Winner
    2011 eban Award Winner For Breakthrough Service/Tool

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