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Which equity based crowdfunding startups hold the most promise / have the highest growth potential at this point?

Since no equity crowdfunding platforms under the JOBS Act will be able to even begin operations for another six to nine months, it is impossible for any of them to be “the market leader” at this point…even though every single one of them—as in a drawing room farce—is claiming the title.

And since the three logical big players (KickStarter, Gust and

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Help with asking for seed funding?

Unfortunately, the reality of entrepreneurship is that raising seed funding is much, much more difficult than you have been led to believe from the press reports about early stage financing. Only one out of every 400 companies seeking funding from venture capital firms actually receives it. And even when trying to raise much smaller amounts of money from individual ‘angel

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10 Entrepreneur Milestones That Make Funding Easy

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Every investor expects to see some business traction, both before and after a funding event. If you have been working 20 hours a day, and spent your last dollar, but have no results to show, investors will be sympathetic, but will probably tell you that your dream doesn’t have wheels. Traction means forward progress.

I hear

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Should a startup set aside equity?

The first thing you should do is talk to a lawyer who is familiar with setting up startups, rather than trying to handle things yourself. This need not be expensive; at the very high end from a top tier firm, you’re probably talking no more than $5,000, for which you’d get absolutely everything a startup needs.

Typically, since only you and

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What are the best ways to obtain seed or angel funding in the U.K.?

Interestingly, for this past quarter, according to the Gust statistics we released thus week, the UK accounted for the largest number of entrepreneurs seeking funding of any country outside the US!  The take away is that you’ve got a very vibrant and competitive startup economy, which is a Good Thing…unless you happen to be one of the vibrant competitors seeking

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Gust Launches Startup Contest CATAPULT NYC 2013

Are you ready to catapult your venture into the stratosphere?

At Gust we’re all about helping startups reach their potential. As part of this mission, we’re launching CATAPULT NYC to award two high-caliber, New York-based startups the platform and tools to take their ventures to the next level.


The First Prize winner will receive 3 months of startup space for two

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Don’t Be Fooled By All The Hype For Crowd Funding

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The new hot topic for entrepreneurs the last couple of years is crowd funding, which is anticipated to at least supplement, if not replace, the slow and mysterious process of current Angel and venture capital investors. The problem is that crowd funding means something different to everyone, and even I have been confused by the different ways

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How many startups are created every day?

This depends on how you define “startup”. Is a college student who advertises his dog-walking services a startup? How about one who spends nearly full-time developing her iPhone app? A real estate developer who incorporates to buy a piece of land in which to build a building?

Each year in the US there are likely tens of millions of individuals starting

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Why do many parents discourage their children from becoming entrepreneurs?

Some do! Check out David S. Rose’s answer to Parenting: How should I raise a 12-year-old girl to be a successful entrepreneur?.

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6 Business Success Myths Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

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All true entrepreneurs operate off a set of tenets that are built into their psyche, or drilled into them from training and mentors. These are represented by sayings like “You never get anywhere unless you take a chance” and “Passion and persistence are the keys to success,” Unfortunately, there are still other old, reliable tenets that don’t

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