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Does a startup need a CEO from the start?

You certainly don’t need a full executive suite if it is only a few co-founders. However, in my experience every organization needs one person on whose desk the buck stops. You can call this the President, or General Manager, or Executive Director, or Chairman, or Man in the Moon…but it has to be one person who is at the very least the tie-breaker, and ultimately will make the hard calls. It is this person on whom future investors will be betting, and this person who will bear the brunt of the sleepless nights.

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What is the worst startup pitch ever?

Take your choice (these are both real, honest-to-God pitches, and I’ve got the originals in my possession):

Contestant A
CluelessCo is an internet startup company seeking $2 million of equity financing to fund our company for at least one year. CluelessCo will become the main consumer outlet for the internet, digital cable and satellite TV, and cell phones and PDAs. Read more

What’s actually required to start or close a funding round?

Technically, a “funding round” simply means a company accepting one or more investments from one or more investors on similar terms within a certain period of time. As such, this could cover many different things, such as:

  • Your parents loaning you money to cover your expenses while you code your product
  • 25 individual angel investors funding a startup on a convertible note
  • two angel groups investing money in Series Seed Preferred stock purchase
  • a single venture capital fund putting in the full amount as Series A Convertible Preferred investment

In all cases, the one fundamental requirement is that the company and the investor agree on how much is being invested, and on what terms. These items are included in what is known as a term sheet. What the terms end up being, and how a company and the investor(s) arrive at that term sheet, can differ widely. Read more

Is it legal to have a crowd-funding site that gives equity as reward?

In the United States, equity-based crowdfunding will not be legal until January, 2013 at the earliest, when the SEC issues its rules regarding the process. It will then be permitted, provided that it is done in strict compliance with those SEC rules, and the provisions of the JOBS Act, which was signed by President Obama earlier this year.

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