“How Do Entrepreneurs Raise Angel and Seed Funding” Webinar

Gust is delighted to announce a partnership with NASVF and NCET2 for the online certificate course “How Do Entrepreneurs Raise Angel and Seed Funding”. The course is an insider view to the early stage fund raising process. You’ll learn how angels and early-stage investors identify promising startups, what needs to be in the business plan, how to build effective leadership teams, how to do a deal and what terms to avoid, and what to do after you get funded. This course is for researchers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and tech transfer people who are involved in raising funding for startup businesses.

David S. Rose will be the lead presenter for “What does an entrepreneur need to do to write a business plan” on Tuesday, March 27 and co-instructing with Ashley J. Stevens for the class “How does an entrepreneur negotiate the deal” on Tuesday, April 10. The classes will provide entrepreneurs with the essential components to acquire an angel investment, presented by The Pitch Coach. Entrepreneurs will learn how to deliver a powerful elevator pitch, leverage capital, and get revenue as quickly as possible.

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